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Outsourcing aRRquitectos

Outsourcing is the inclusion of third parties in architectural and engineering processes, these services can be from a specific stage to the integral design of a project that will be built thousands of kilometers away.

Our team of highly qualified professionals in continuous training is always ready and willing to support you, and before starting any type of collaboration we do not leave any loose ends in terms of confidentiality. We take the information that companies provide us very seriously and therefore we sign a complete and mutual authorship and confidentiality agreement.

Arquitectura moderna

Our Outsourcing services:

  1. Outsourcing for construction companies.              Whether your firm needs support in a specific stage of the project or outsourcing the entire design, we are ready to support you.

  2. Outsourcing for real estate companies.                          You need to make 3D visualizations of the real estate to present to yourclients, forget about cropped images.

  3. Remote design services.                                                      We support you in carrying out the design of your project, all virtually and with local standards and regulations.

How do I start?

  1. Indicate the service and its details here.                                         

  2. One of our project managers will contact you to schedule a video conference and discuss the project.

  3. PM will send you an economic offer, work planning and the key points to consider in the contract, for your analysis.

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